KUJI is a space for artisans, safeguarders of heritage, designers, creative minds, and those who seek beauty and inspiration.

KUJI is deeply committed to preserving the crafts and artistry which represent the core of so many cultures across the globe. We believe that in a future world driven by machines, creativity will become all the more important, and preserving the traditions and craftsmanship of the generations before us will be critical. Genuine beauty is not machine-made, nor mass market. It is hand-crafted – each artisanal object carrying its creator’s emotions, hopes and vision for our world. 

We revel in beautiful pieces, which spark joy in our souls. And invest in their creators. KUJI is dedicated to discovering unsung talent from around the globe, celebrating it and preserving the traditions of humankind for future generations. We respect the products of inspiration and dedication, artisans fine-tuning the crafts of their forefathers, breathing life into humble materials, creating pieces which tell the stories of generations and stand the test of time. 

The story of the Romanian “brâu”

One of our showcase collections is the “brâu”. For the past three years, we studied the beaded Romanian “brâu” – an accessory that Romanian men used to wear as part of their national costumes, mostly in the Northern regions of Transylvania. We worked with local artisans in Bistrita-Nasaud to reinterpret this iconic accessory and bring to you a contemporary revisited version of this one-of-a-kind piece that can be worn by men and women alike. 

Every piece in our collection is lovingly hand-crafted and carries the stories of Transylvania. Craftswomen in the Transylvanian countryside work each individual piece for several weeks, carefully weaving the hundreds of delicate beads. Nearby artisans work the finest leather parts into the design. Each brâu reflects old traditional Romanian symbols, breathing new life into the floral patterns found in traditional Romanian costumes. KUJI researches all these symbols and traditions, makes the designs for each artisanal piece bringing together the most skillful of craftsmen to revive traditions for you and the generations to come.   

In Romania, families pass the brâu on from one generation to the next – a craft heirloom, carrying with it the inspiration, culture and stories of its time and people, its beauty from another time and place. 

Our motivation

“I grew up close to the reality of Transylvanian rural life, and from an early age always had an intense curiosity and passion for the traditional crafts of the communities around me – the purity and soul of the pieces, the talent and heart of the artisans, the stories and traditions woven into every piece. Over the years, I came to realize that we are growing apart from those very special traditions and values, and I wanted to find a small way to help the world preserve a little of what was being lost.

Professionally, my background is in luxury goods and services, and I see an increasing hunger in the world of luxury for authentic pieces with soul and stories – with the handcrafted and the artisanal being considered “uber-luxe”. And yet those communities creating these rare and coveted pieces are unaware and without a platform to showcase and articulate their talents and their incredible pieces.

This is how KUJI came to life: a space for artisans, safeguarders of heritage, designers, creative minds, and those who seek beauty and inspiration.

Of all of life’s luxuries, there is something really special about owning a unique piece that was created for you specifically, and that has in its very fabric the emotions, stories and collective experiences of generations of artisans, who lovingly worked on the piece for weeks on end to bring it to life.

In a world of mass-production and fast fashion, I think it is extremely important for us to find new ways to keep these old traditions alive, ensure they are relevant to today’s generations and that those old stories keep on whispering through the fabric of our modern lives.”

Elena Kuji Buteică

Founder C.E.O

KUJI at a glance



KUJI is deeply committed to preserving the crafts and artistry which represent the core of so many cultures across the globe. Every artisanal object carries with it its creator’s emotions, hopes and vision for our world. At KUJI, we have brought together a team of seasoned craftsmen and women from the heart of Transylvania to revive almost lost traditions for you, and we are unceasingly investing in their perpetuation.


We want to make every client part of the creation process. Each piece is created bespoke in order to meet the taste and requirements of every client - your wearable art, curated together. You can also choose to engrave your initials, a message or a symbol on your piece. Each KUJI piece transcends time and trends, and is made with care to last and bring joy to many generations to come.


At the very core of our business is the community of artisans - and our commitment to showcase their incredible artistry and to preserve a dying craft as the global appetite for folk items wanes and artisanal communities struggle to compete with the pace and scale of fast fashion. We are deeply dedicated to ensuring the beauty, skill and community woven into these craft legacies is not lost.
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